Lower Upfront Cost

At Cottage Thirteen we believe that a website provides you giant value over time, we believe in this so much and dislike when a business has a bad online presence because it can't foot the large upfront cost. So what we do instead is charge a small deposit to start the project and build it out, we can offer this because we've optimized our buildout process by using modern solutions that save time. Usually, an agency would charge an initial deposit between 25-50% and then the remaining amount is due before the site is launched. We charge a similar deposit and then we break up the remaining amount into easy to manage monthly installments until the bill is settled. Once the site is paid in full we will send over the site files to the client and the monthly recurring charges will then lower to the cost of hosting and maintenance fees.

Simple Payment Structure

To start the project we will require a signed contract and the deposit amount upfront and for the form of payment to cover the monthly installments to be on file.
Every 30 days from the start date we will bill for the installment payments
Once the website has been paid in full we will deliver the files for the site to the client.
The monthly fee for hosting and maintenance will continue for the life of the site.


We host all sites on Amazon servers and use a content delivery network to ensure speedy load times no matter where the visitor is located. The cost of this depends upon the sites traffic needs.


Maintenance is included within the hosting package it covers any issues regarding server updates, security issues, etc... The servers are very reliable but there's always a 1% chance something could happen and any down time could mean loss of profit for your company.

Site Updates

Site updates can be billed at an hourly rate or a retainer package can also be setup after the site has launched.

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