Our Process

The Brief

To start we will send over a series of questions for you to answer, related to your business and the website. The purpose of this is to get to know everything we can about your business and expectations from you.

user Research

Once the brief is done we will take that information and do in-depth research of competitors, the industry you're in, create user personas of your client, and the current site analytics if applicable. All of this research is needed to ensure we create a plan of action that's going to work.

Site Architecture

After the user research is complete we will work on the site's information architecture. This is where we plan out what pages we will need to build out and how the user will navigate the site.

Content Delivery

At this stage, we will request all the content from the client. This will include any copy (text for the website) images, videos, important information such as hours of operation, address information and anything that we've spoken about including on the website. It's important to get this first before doing any designing we need to know how much stuff we have to design around. Think of this as planning a house and then realizing we don't have large enough rooms for all the furniture or too many rooms and not enough baths.


The wire-framing process is creating the "blueprint" for the website it will visually show where things will be and how certain elements will look and function. This will have a review at completion and we can make adjustments based on the conversation that's had.


Once the wireframe is approved we will create “comps” based on the wire frame and design brief we have. This will be a static image of what the site will look like when built out. Depending on the scope of work we may include some interactions to show how it will function. This will be sent for review and discuss any revisions that will be made until the revision sessions agreed upon have been met.


The part we all are excited to get started the development of the site this is where we take the approved comp and start using code to build it out onto a server to be hosted on the internet. We at this time test on all scoped mobile devices and desktop browsers to ensure visitors have a consistent experience regardless of what it's viewed with. Once development and testing are complete we will give a preview link for you to review and schedule a call to go over anything that needs to be revised.


At this stage, the preview link has been provided and the site is live visible to the client with the staging link. This is the time the client will ensure the site is exactly what they want. It's very important that when we get to this point in the process everything was clearly defined in the early stages and now it's all about getting the final build to match the comp we delivered prior.

Final revisions

Final revisions will take into account the requested changes to the site preview link from the client. We will go through the last rounds of changes and make sure you the client are happy with the final product. By this point, there's usually a few if any changes to be made and the client sees exactly as they expected based on the comp that was delivered.


The day has come we will upload the site to the final serve and your main domain URL will load the new site and the site that will be on all your marketing material and social media. Think of this day as the first day for your new employee the one you've trained and approved before placing him in front of customers.


Now that the sites launched we will continue maintenance in ensuring it's up and secure. This will be the time we monitor it for any issues that arise with the server and continuing to do periodical backing up the site.

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